It has been years since I have been trying to find that balance. Every other day I struggle with accepting my body…sometimes I start my day off so well that I stand in front of my mirror and love what I see..but as the day progresses, my mind hits these extremely large bumps, where anything can trigger my mind into thinking that my body is not acceptable.
Whether it be;
sitting in the metro and accidentally placing my hand around my waist and feeling that that should not be there….
window shopping and catching a glance of myself through the reflection and comparing myself to others around me
heck, even if I make myself an amazing breakfast, that extra egg yolk that I added to my scramble can completely askew my day.

….time to catch my bus for my evening class..vent over.

How come there's a squirrel in your hoodie, B? :)

this little guy was hanging onto my brothers pant leg when he was coming home one evening. He’s weak and tired, so we decided to keep him until he’s reach to be released :)

You are great

sam…sam…all i have to say is get your ass to canada !
xxoo miss talking to you!

But why are you so amazing ?

shhhh….nooo, im not.
gooooood morning babe !! :D